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Raymond Mill Introduction

Raymond mill suitable for a wide range, is widely used in barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock , plaster, glass, manganese, titanium, copper, chromium ore, refractory materials, insulation materials, coal, coal, carbon black, clay, bone, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, quartz, etc. Mohs hardness of not more than 7 processing for high fine powder humidity below 6% of non-flammable mineral, chemical, construction and other industries than 300 kinds of materials, the mill product size in the range of 80 to 800 mesh range of arbitrary regulation.
Feed size: ≤15-≤30mm
Yield: 2-120 tons
Applications: can be ground Mohs hardness of 9.3 or less moisture content of not more than 8% of the material. Such as: limestone, lime, bentonite and the like.
Features: Raymond mill having wearing parts are made of high-manganese steel, reasonable price, low maintenance equipment, simple operation.

Raymond Mill structural characteristics

1, Raymond mill three-dimensional structure, small footprint, complete and strong, expect from the finished powder block independent self-contained production system.
2, refined powder fineness of uniform through screening rate of 99%, which is difficult to have other milling equipment.
3, the host device using a closed transmission gear box and pulleys, transmission smooth, reliable operation.
4, important parts are made of high quality steel, wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, machine wear, reliable operation.
5, the electrical system with centralized control, no one can achieve the basic milling plant operation and maintenance.

Raymond Mill Works

Raymond mill whole structure mainly by the host, analysis machine, plumbing fixtures, blower, according to user needs can be equipped with crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and other components. Materials are crushed to the required size, the material will be sent to hoist storage hopper, and then vibrating feeder will feed into a uniform continuous host grinding room, due to the centrifugal force rotation, the roller swings out, pressed in the grinding ring, shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, due to the rolling mill rolls to achieve the purpose of crushing. Powder materials after grinding are brought into the circulating air blower with the analysis machine sorting, fine through coarse material to regrinding, qualified powder into the air the finished product cyclone powder collector through the powder discharge tube, It is finished. When the mill is due to the material has some water, ground in a mill indoor heat, moisture evaporation, and each machine pipe interface is not tight, the outside air is sucked into the circulation increased pressure to ensure the mill work in the vacuum state , the increase in gas flow through the duct into the dust collector, is purified and discharged into the atmosphere.
Technical Parameter
Type Roll Grinding
Feed Size
Output Size
Capacity Motor Power
Blower Power
Classifier Machine Power(kw) Overall
3R1510 3 10 0.19-0.038 0.3-1.2 7.5 5.5 1.1 3200×2100×4500
3R2115 3 20 0.19-0.038 0.4-1.6 15 11 2.2 4100×3300×4500
3R2615 3 20 0.19-0.038 0.5-2.7 18.5 15 2.2 4300×3500×5100
3R2715 3 20 0.19-0.038 0.7-3 22 18.5 2.2 5300×4100×5200
4R3016 4 20 0.19-0.038 0.8-5 30 30 2.2 5300×4100×5200
4R3015 4 25 0.19-0.038 1.0-4 30 22 2.2 5500×4300×5400
4R3216 4 25 0.19-0.038 1.0-8 45 30 5.5 7100×5900×7900
4R3220 4 28 0.19-0.038 1-10 45 37 5.5 8000×6000×9500
5R4119 5 30 0.19-0.038 5-10 75 75 7.5 9200×7250×9700
6R4427 6 35 0.19-0.038 9-15 132 132 11 12550×5700×8355

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