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Belt Conveyor Introduction

Also known as belt conveyor belt conveyor for transporting loose materials or items, mainly from the rack, conveyor belt, belt roller, tensioning devices, drives and other components. Can be a single delivery, it can also composed of multiple components or with other transportation equipment horizontal or inclined conveyor system.
Conveying length: ≤10-40m tape width: combinable
Application materials: all kinds of materials with good circulation. Such as: coal, corn, etc.
Scope: gravel quarry, mining, metallurgy, mineral processing, coal mining and other industries

Belt Conveyor Works

When the tape began to break off with a broken belt detection switch signal emitted, transmitted to the operative part, the switching operation of the electromagnetic actuator, open decoupling, brake roller relying on its own gravity, down along the oblique slide, when the brake roller and adhesive tape when contact with the surface, the decline along with the tape, since the slide closer and closer to the axis of the friction plate under the tape, so with the decline tape, the tape roll brake friction plate to squeeze, squeeze more and more tightly, the more friction to the greater decline in the last gates tape live, play a protective role. Xianxiang recovery tape is pulled on the brake rollers to exit along the slide to release the tape extrusion, then the brake roll linked to the decoupling device.

Conveyor Structure

Universal belt conveyor from the conveyor belt, roller, roller and drive, brake, tension, bend, loading, unloading, cleaning devices such as composition, bandwidth is the main technical parameters of the belt conveyor, roller single drum points , and more than double drum rollers, etc., have trough roller, flat-shaped roller, spherical roller, buffer roller. Trough roller bearing load branch, for transporting granular material; aligning roller to adjust the lateral position of the belt to avoid deviation; buffer roller mounted in place by the material, to reduce the impact of material on the belt. Minute drive rollers and roller bend drum, the drum is the main driving force transmitting member, into a single drum and double drum rollers, etc., and more, the role of the belt tensioning device is to achieve the necessary tension to avoid slipping on the drive roller , and the deflection roller conveyor between the guarantee within a predetermined range.

Belt Conveyor Features

Coal mine belt conveyor is the best efficient transport equipment, compared with other transportation equipment, has the advantage of long distance transportation, large volume, continuous conveyor, etc., and reliable, easy to automate and centralize control, belt conveyors mechatronics has become a coal mining technology and equipment, key equipment. Its main feature is the body can easily stretch, has stocker warehouse, with the tail can promote elongation or shorten the coalface, compact and can be laid directly on the roadway floor, racks, lightweight, removable very convenient. When the transmission capacity and transport distance is large, can be equipped with intermediate drive to meet the requirements, according to transportation technology requirements can be stand-alone delivery to be a combination of multiple horizontal or inclined transportation system to transport materials, according to process requirements, belt conveyor can be very flexible from the point or points that is expected to be tilted to the multi-point or a few sections.
Technical Parameter:
Belt Width(mm) Belt Length (m) /Power (kw) Belt Speed(m/s) Capacity(t/h)
500 ≤12/3 12-20/4-5.5 20-30/ 5.5-7.5 1.3-1.6 131-323
650 ≤12/4 12-20/5.5 20-30/7.5-11 1.3-1.6 278-546
800 ≤6/4 6-15/5.5 15-30/7.5-15 1.3-1.6 435-853
1000 ≤10/5.5 10-20/7.5-11 20-40/11-12 1.3-2.0 655-1284
1200 ≤10/7.5 10-20/11 20-40/15-30 1.3-2.0 655-1284

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