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PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher Introduction

PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher Hammer Crusher and Crusher set in one, suitable for low hardness materials crushing stage, the following materials can be crushed to 80mm 8mm or less.
Yield: 100-800t / h
Applications: mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.
Product Description: This series of models with a high crushing efficiency, crushing uniform particle size, the proportion of over-ground and low for brittle materials to compressive strength no more than 120Mpa ore of medium hardness crushing.

PCZ Heavy Hammer crusher working principle

The motor drives the rotor, driven hammer, hammer after large pieces of material to be hit, in the crushing cavity to form a self-breakers hit the way, fine powder by the overflow sieve straight. After a number of large pieces of stone into the crushing chamber, while another hit by the hammer bracket by screening material barrier, reducing the contact area between the rocks and the hammer. Stones were to be powered back plate is formed after the impact of their own impact, small pieces of material formed continuously increased density, the material is formed on the cross section of 1/2 straight upward from the material screening sieve tray and straight at the intersection within the sieve level, which is above the level of the material screening bracket forming materials, along with a large amount of powder material falling again by the impact, and finally discharged from the arc-shaped sieve.

PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher Features

1, hammer crusher has high production capacity, crushing ratio, low power consumption, uniform particle size, mechanical structure is simple, compact, lightweight, low investment cost, easy management.
2, the disadvantage is: when crushing hard materials, hammer and grate wear large metal consumption of large, overhaul a long time, you need to feed evenly.
3, sticky and wet pulverized material production was significantly reduced, or even stopped due to blockage. To prevent clogging, the water content of the pulverized material was generally not more than 10% -15%.
PCZ Heavy Hammer broken parameters
PCZ1310 1300×1000 930×650 ≤600 100-180 132 14.5
PCZ1410 1400×1000 1020×750 ≤700 180-230 160/90×2 17.6
PCZ1610 1600×1000 1150×1000 ≤900 260-350 Y220-Y2502×2 29.6
PCZ1615 1600×1500 1400×1000 ≤900 380-550 Y355-Y400JR/200×2 35
PCZ1716 1700×1600 1640×1500 ≤1200 600-1100 480/250×2 46
PCZ2018 2000×1800 1850×1400 ≤1500 900-1500 710/372×2 85

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